Friday, April 08, 2005

An Eclectic Collection of Web Links

I was going to post this a couple of days ago, but I've been busy working on some computer problems. One of the big drawbacks of having one computer that everyone in the house uses is that you'll get it working great - just the way you like it, then someone will mess with a setting or something and screw everything up. Well, that's what's been happening. Someone (no one has come forward to confess yet) messed something up and I've been having problems getting online. AOL and Firefox suddenly don't get along. They lock each other up or something and suddenly neither program can use my cable connection. I still haven't fixed the problem (I think that might involve reinstalling Firefox), but I think I've at least learned what triggers it and how to work around it.

Anyway, here's some stuff that I've run across lately. Hope you check some of these out.

If they gave Academy Awards for short online animations. Delivery would get this year's best picture Oscar. This is amazing, incredible, wonderful, fantastic, etc., etc. Whatever you do, no matter how long it takes you to load it, do not miss this.

If you like new music and the thought of getting free MP3s of new music gets you all hot and bothered, Columbia University is conducting a Music Lab that might be what you're looking for. You'll get free music and help in their scientific research. Boing Boing has what it's all about.

Easter has come and gone, but the Easter Egg Archive is always in vogue. No, not the Easter Bunny Eggs. These are the hidden features and tidbits hidden in your favorite software, DVDs, and CDs. The Archive also includes hidden Easter Eggs in television shows, books, and art (they have a fairly liberal definition of an Easter Egg). Easter Eggs are intentional. There's a sister sight, Slip-Ups, that covers the unintentional.

New Yorkers don't have the best reputation out here in the fly-over states. I guess this comes from all the Yankee games they show on TV. Hey, they don't call Yankee Stadium "the Bronx Zoo" for nothing. Anyway, New York Press has assembled the worst of the worst, their list of the "50 Most Loathsome New Yorkers." Some are obvious, some...not so much.

I like to end these little lists with something kind of offbeat. "50 Most Loathsome New Yorkers" is close, but, as the announcer says in League of their Own, "Oh Mama, I have seen enough to know I've seen too much." Presenting for your amusement and edification...the blog of the Ultimate Warrior. Yes, that Ultimate Warrior - the professional wrestler. He should be updating pretty soon. His last entry is dated March 22 and deals with the Terri Schiavo tragedy. The blog is called Mind - part of the overall Warrior experience.


At 9:58 PM, Blogger cvc said...

These links sound interesting...I'll have to check out "Delivery" sometime...!

At 9:59 PM, Blogger cvc said...

oh! And good luck solving the computer probs...Computers--can't live with 'em, can't live without...! Sigh...

At 7:17 PM, Blogger fdtate said...

My problem with computers is that I know enough about them to fix the problem quickly or to make it a helluva lot worse.
After talking with AOL Tech people for a while I finally was able to get back online and stay there. The problem seems to have been something to do with the AOL Connectivity Service program. Repairing that through the Add/Remove programs part of the Control Panel fixed it.
But before I contacted AOL, I even went so far as to delete AOL and reinstall it.
I used to get online with Firefox and use the AOL pretty sparingly. But now if I do that, Firefox will, after a while and for no apparent reason, start the AOL for me. When it does, it screws everything up. Now, I just logon to AOL and use it and Firefox as needed and everything's fine.


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