Saturday, June 11, 2005

Schmoozing with the Prez

Last week, Neil Cavuto put to rest any rumors that Fox News might be fair and balanced with an interview with President Bush that redefined "softball."

As Washington Post reporter Dan Froomkin put it in his "White House Briefing" column...

Thanks to Fox News's exclusive interview with President Bush yesterday, the leader of the free world is now on the record when it comes to John Kerry's Yale grades, Laura Bush's presidential aspirations and -- yes -- the Michael Jackson trial's effect on public policy discourse.

Who wants to talk about that messy war in Iraq, or the Downing Street Memo? Not Neil Cavuto, Fox News executive, anchor, commentator and Bush campaign contributor...

Later, (Fox News anchor John) Gibson had this to say: "Now, Neil, nobody can talk to the president very long without bringing up the war."

Cavuto: "Right..."

And yet, somehow the topic never came up. Not a single question, even though according to the latest Washington Post/ABC News poll, Americans consider the war in Iraq Bush's number two priority, right after the economy and jobs.

To his credit, Cavuto did ask about the number one priority. He put his question this way "Do you think you get a bum rap in the media on the economy?"

Andrew Sullivan comments that Cavuto is "the man who makes Larry King look like an interrogator at Bagram."


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