Saturday, February 04, 2006

Regrouping / The Weekend Random 10

I'm not entirely sure what direction this journal/blog is going to take. The original reason for blogging/journaling was to have an outlet for my views on politics, but I do most of my political musing at the Blue Voice now. I've since branched out to other blogs for other interests. And I've never really been very hip on the whole idea of diary-keeping and the like so I'm pretty sure I'm not going to go in that direction. I'm too privacy-minded to put my personal situations out there for the whole world (or the small subset that might read this) to pore over.

I AM going to try to start writing in this blog a little more often and I'm going to try to keep it light-hearted and fun. I guess we'll figure this out together.

Here's something I'm going to try to do on a pretty regular basis. It's a random ten from my music lists to show you what I'm into. There are two lists. The computer list is my master list of songs on my computer. Right now it stands at around 1400 songs. The MP3 list is what's on my player. It's a somewhat more limited list. My player (a Rio Nitrus) only has room for around 400 songs. These are my favorites from the master list.

The Computer List

1. "Me" - Staind
2. "Virginia Plain" - Roxy Music
3. "Sharkwalk" - Shriekback
4. "The Flag" - Barenaked Ladies
5. "The Man with the Child in His Eyes" - Kate Bush
6. "Set Me Free (Rosa Lee)" - Los Lobos
7. "July" - Baby Bird
8. "Portrait of an Apology (live version)" - Jars of Clay
9. "I Have the Touch" - Peter Gabriel
10. "In a Lifetime" - Clannad

The MP3 List

1. "Ava Adore" - Smashing Pumpkins
2. "Three Libras" - A Perfect Circle
3. "Carnival" - Natalie Merchant
4. "Hey!" - Boingo
5. "Blood of Eden" - Peter Gabriel
6. "Passive" - A Perfect Circle
7. "Who Needs Sleep" - Barenaked Ladies
8. "AIDS and Armageddon" - David Baerwald
9. "Glycerine" - Bush
10. "Never Going Back Again" - Fleetwood Mac

Sorta strange that I've only got two A Perfect Circle songs on the player and they would both show up in the first ten, but damn good songs.

PS. Just in case you were wondering, I also have an AOL journal that mostly mirrors this site, a Civil War blog, a sports blog that focuses mainly on the Atlanta Braves, and a photo blog. Posting in all have been spotty lately, but should pick up now that my computer problems are behind me for now.


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