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Need for Speed: Most Wanted -- Tips, Tricks, Suggestions

In a previous post, I talked about my addiction to the Need for Speed: Most Wanted video game. It's not a new game so there are a lot of FAQ and cheat pages out there to help you get through it, but I thought I'd put in my two cents, my personal observations for playing the game well. This post is not meant for anyone except a Need for Speed: Most Wanted player; anyone else probably won't get much out of it. It's my hope that at some point a NFS:MW player will stumble upon this and get something out of it that helps him/her win the game.

The two cardinal rules to winning at Need for Speed: Most Wanted are:

1. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER hit anything. This piece of advice applies to any racing game. If you hit things, you slow down. Hitting the wall, hitting oncoming traffic, hitting an obstacle can mean the difference between first and last place in a race. Maybe I shouldn't say "NEVER, NEVER, NEVER because there are rare exceptions to this rule, but it's pretty ironclad. Brushing the wall while cornering is better than hitting it more head on. Getting through the corner clean is better than brushing the wall. Take advantage of the Speedbreaker button to get through the sharper turns.

2. Learn the map. You don't need to know all the streets and what their names are, but you should have a good idea of how to get from one place to another. In NFS:MW, you especially need to know where all the pursuit breakers are and how to use them. At the end of the game, in the final pursuit, you have to know how to get from Ocean Hills, the southernmost part of the city, to the final exit, north of Rosewood, without access to the big map. (More on this later.)

A major suggestion: Turn off the Game Moment Camera. While it may be fun to run into the giant tire and see it fall on the pursuing cops, your car is still moving. It is much better to be able to see where your car is actually going.

When you start your career as a street racer, you are new to the metropolis of Rockport. You are driving a BMW M3, challenging all comers to become the best street racer you can be. You begin with three races that you must win before you can advance. Just don't hit too many obstacles and you shouldn't have any problem. When cops appear in some of these races just treat them like any other racer. Don't let them slow you down too much. Wait for a clear opportunity to pass them. The fourth race is against a punk named Razor who is fifteenth on the Blacklist, a ranking of the best Rockport street racers. Razor's gang has sabotaged your car so you can't win this race. Your car will conk out on you before the finish line. You lose the race and your pinkslip to Razor and get busted. When the game continues you discover that Razor has taken your BMW and advanced to become Number One on the Blacklist. The object of the game is to move up the Blacklist and supplant Razor as the most wanted street racer.

You start the game with $30,000 - $10,000 for each of the three races at the beginning. If you have a Need for Speed: Underground 2 game saved on your memory card, you will receive an extra $10,000 to begin your career. The first step is buy a car. You have three choices: a Lexus IS 300, a Chevy Cobalt, and a Fiat Punto. If you have the Underground 2 bonus money, you can also buy a Volkswagen Golf.

Cars are pretty subjective things. What works for one person might not work for another. I've read game FAQs where they swear by the Cobalt, but I think it's the worst of the starter cars. It rides too high to suit me. I can never get it to handle the way I want. I prefer tight cars that hug the ground. If you've got the bonus money, go for the Golf. If not, buy the Punto. I've defeated most of the Blacklist opponents with both cars. The Punto might give you some problems at the beginning, but a few performance upgrades make a big difference. The Lexus is a great starter car. It'll serve you well until the latter stages of the game. By then, you should have a whole fleet of cars to choose from. Again, this is all subjective. You might love the Cobalt.

There are three races that you must win before you can challenge the first Blacklist opponent, Sonny. I recommend alternating between the races and the shops, spending your race winnings on upgrades to your car. Run the races as many times as you need to in order to get your car fixed up. Concentrate on performance parts.

Types of Races:

Circuit: Usually two to four laps around the same course.
Sprint: A race from point A to point B.
Lap Knockout: A circuit race. On each lap the driver that is in last place is eliminated.
Tollbooth: There are a series of tollbooths on the course. You have to make it to the next tollbooth in the allotted time.
Speedtrap: There are a series of speedtraps on the course. The goal is to register the top total speed through the traps. Save your nitrous until you have a clear path to the trap, then blast through it. You don't have to cross the finish line first, but you lose speed for every second back you finish. The timing of your nitrous is critical. If you hit it early be sure you don't hit anything to slow yourself down before the trap.
Drag: A drag race. Your car will automatically follow the curves of the track. You use your steering to change lanes to avoid obstacles - mainly other vehicles. Timing of your shifts and nitrous is critical. I prefer to use my nitrous in short bursts to get to the next gear quickly.

When you first start putting parts on your cars, go to Performance Tuning and get your cars running the way you like them. The Performance Tuning is much better in NFS: Underground 2, but you can make a few adjustments here that will make a big difference. Steering and handling depends on the car and the driver, but I usually have the steering at +1 and the handling at +2. Experiment with these settings until the car suits you. Turn the brakes up a notch or two. Lowering the ride height and increasing the aerodynamics makes the car hug the road better. I like -4 or -5 and +4 or +5 respectively. Turning the nitrous down makes it burn longer, turning it up makes a more intense burn. I like to turn it up to +3 or +4. For hard photo ticket milestones, I'll turn it all the way up. Turn the Turbo up a few notches.

After you beat a Blacklist racer, you can choose two markers from him/her. There are three wild card markers. Choose two of the three wild cards. You can win the pinkslip to the racer's car, extra impound strikes, extra cash, or get out of jail free markers. You need these more than the unique upgrades offered. Occasionally, you might want to get the Unique Performance Upgrade for that special car you like the most. Before too long, you should have a fleet of cars at your disposal that you've won from the other racers.

I'm not a big fan of buying more cars outright or selling cars. If you really, really, really need the money and must sell, you will only get half of the stock price of the car. To get a little more money, first go to the shop and trade the body parts in for stock parts.

As you advance in the game, keep two or three cars as maxxed out as you can get them with whatever parts are unlocked at the time. Keep a couple of other cars almost maxxed out. You don't need to keep all the parts on all the cars, but you should always have a couple of cars in reserve in case you get into heat or impound strike trouble with your key cars.

The Blacklist racers and their rides:

15. Sonny - Volkswagen Golf
14. Taz - Lexus IS 300
13. Vic - Toyota Supra
12. Izzy - Mazda RX-8
11. Big Lou - Mitsubishi Eclipse
10. Baron - Porsche Cayman
9. Earl - Mitsubishi Lancer EVO
8. Jewels - Ford Mustang
7. Kaze - Mercedes SL 500
6. Ming - Lamborghini Gallardo
5. Webster - Chevy Corvette
4. JV - Dodge Viper
3. Ronnie - Aston Martin DB9
2. Bull - Mercedes SLR McLaren
1. Razor - BMW M3

I'm a big fan of the Volkswagen, the Mazda, the Porsche, and the Lamborghini. Keep these cars maxxed out and you can beat anyone with them. The Lexus, Lancer, Mercedes, and Viper make good secondary cars, useful if you run into heat and impound strike trouble with your primary cars. Get them up to the Pro and Super Pro levels and they make great pursuit cars. Results may vary. You might have better luck with a different set of cars depending on your personal preferences.

One note about the cars: the cars you win from the Blacklist racers will often have parts on them that are still locked. Ming's Gallardo, Webster's Corvette, and JV's Viper already have the ultimate engine and turbo. Those parts are still locked until you beat Ronnie (#3). These cars need very little, just a nitrous upgrade, to make them ultimate everything. Win one of these cars and you're well on your way toward beating the game. I love the Gallardo; it's great for races and pursuits. The Viper is great for pursuits, okay for races. I'm not a fan of the Corvette. I can't get it to handle the way I want it to. Again, results may vary. Also, if you get deep into the game and have a lot of money burning a hole in your pocket, save it. After you beat Ronnie, the ultimate turbo and ultimate engine upgrades are a mind-boggling $175,000 per car. But by this point you should have at least one of the upgraded cars (the Gallardo, Corvette or Viper) and should only need to upgrade one or two other cars to finish up the game.

Some people like to have cars for races, cars for pursuits, and backup cars. Often the best racers make the best pursuit cars so I use my top cars for races and pursuits. If the heat gets too high or you get too many impound strikes, park it and drive another car (an advantage to having two or three cars maxed out.) The heat will go down while it's off the road and the impound strikes will go away as you win races and beat pursuits in another car. If the race does not have cops on it, you can race a car with high heat or impound strikes with no ill effects. Just return to the Safe House or advance to the next race promptly so that you don't inadvertantly get into a pursuit.

I've been talking a lot about pursuits so let me explain what that's all about. In addition to winning races, you also have to hit milestones and amass bounty in order to challenge the Blacklist racers. There are several types of milestones, most involve getting into pursuits with the cops.


Photo Ticket: The only non-pursuit milestone. Go through traffic cameras above the required speed.
Trade Paint: Tag a certain number of police cars. Only one tag per unique police car.
Cost of State: A dollar total of the property damage amassed during a pursuit.
Time Limits: Have a pursuit lasting at least a set amount of time, or alternately, end a pursuit before a set amount of time is up.
Roadblock and Spike Strip Challenges: Drive through a set number of roadblocks and/or spike strips.
Infractions: Commit a set number of violations in view of the cops.


Ramming a Police Vehicle - Just tag one.
Hit and Run - Tag a civilian car.
Damage to Property - Hit just about anything along the road.
Driving off Roadway - Self-explanatory. Just drive off the roadway. Cutting a corner in the grass will get you this one.
Speeding, Excessive Speeding, Reckless Driving - Hard to get them. Get on the highway with the cops behind you and speed. Go too fast and you'll skip the speeding and get excessive speeding or you may lose the cops. Reckless Driving is almost impossible to get. You have to go over 200 mph without losing the cops. Easier to get at higher heat levels when the cops are faster.
Resisting Arrest - Awarded when you evade a pursuit and enter cooldown mode.

Bounty: A measure of your street rep with the other Blacklist drivers. Your bounty increases the longer you stay in a pursuit. It increases faster at higher heat levels. You also get a combo cost of state/bounty increase for disabling police cars.

Achieving any milestone adds a bonus to your total career bounty. A certain level of career bounty is needed to take on Blacklist racers. Each racer takes a different amount of races, milestones and bounty. Clear as mud, right?

You have to get three race wins, three of four milestones and 20,000 total bounty in order to race Sonny (#15). His milestones are a photo ticket, trading paint with two police cars, completing a pursuit after two minutes and completing a pursuit before four minutes have elapsed. The bounty bonuses for completing the milestones add up to 19,000. The bounty achieved during the pursuit(s) will put you over the top. It's quite easy to achieve all three pursuit milestones in one pursuit. Just tag two cops while you're waiting for two minutes to elapse, then evade the pursuit before four minutes.

It gets progressively harder. In order to challenge Earl (#9), you have to win five of his eight races, and achieve four of his seven milestones - three photo tickets and tag twelve cops, dodge six roadblocks, end a pursuit in less than three minutes or get 30,000 bounty in a single pursuit. You must also amass 790,000 career bounty. Bull (#2) takes eight of twelve race wins, five of seven milestones and 7,550,000 career bounty. His milestones include three photo tickets, cost to state of $200,000, a pursuit lasting over nine minutes, dodging twelve roadblocks and dodging eight spike strips. Razor (#1) takes winning nine of eleven races, five of seven milestones and 10,000,000 total bounty. His milestones are three photo tickets, tag 35 police cars, 850,000 bounty in a single pursuit, evade a pursuit in less than two minutes, and a pursuit lasting more than thirteen minutes. Whew!

You can do as little or as much as you like to advance in the game, as long as you do the minimum. I like to do all of the races at least once. I'll run extra races if I need the money. You can also go for 100% game completion and try to do it all.

I like to go for the pursuit milestones out of races with cops. This usually gets pursuits started quicker than just going to the Bounty screen and starting a pursuit at one of the locations. When going for Photo Ticket milestones, trying coming at it from another direction if you have trouble getting it from where they start you out. For example, one of Kaze's Photo Tickets starts you out on the Rockport Freeway. You begin on one side of the stadium. The Photo Ticket camera is on the other side of the stadium. The path they've got you on takes you through the stadium pillars. It's easier to back up a little and go around the other side of the stadium.

The pursuits gradually increase:

Heat level 1 - Marked city cops chase you. These cars are pretty slow and fragile. They're easy to lose and easy to disable. Just ram them a few times or run them into something.
Heat level 2 - Unmarked city cops. Still pretty slow and fragile. The police will begin setting up roadblocks to try to slow you down. When you approach a roadblock, hit your Speedbreaker button and size up the roadblock. Look for gaps between the cars and the walls, aim for sawhorses (the weakest part of the roadblocks) or aim for the rear half of the cars.
Heat level 3 - Marked state cops. Rhinos make their first appearance at this level. These are SUVs that appear out of nowhere, coming straight at you. They're trying to ram you head-on and pin you or slow you down. When you see them coming try to hit your Speedbreaker and dodge them. The police are also getting a little tougher and feistier. Use your Pursuit Breakers to thin them out.
Heat level 4 - Unmarked state cops. You know you're at level 4 when the helicopters make their first appearance. Thin out the ground cops with a Pursuit Breaker or two and wait for the helicopter to run out of gas and leave. Alternately, if you don't have any ground cops on you, you can use long tunnels to lose the copter. Also in level 4, the cops begin laying down spike strips. Watch for roadblocks on your map. When you approach them, hit your Speedbreaker. Don't automatically shoot for the gaps. That's usually where the spike strips are. Aim for the sawhorses and the rear of vehicles. Sometimes the cops get tricky and lay the spike strip in front of the vehicles.
Heat level 5 - Federal cops. Here the cops pull out all the stops. The Feds are driving ultra-fast, extra durable Corvettes that can keep up with any car you've got. The helicopters come out more often and join in the chase, buzzing you to slow you down. The Rhinos are tougher and stick with the pursuit longer. Plus the spike strips and roadblocks. Your only hope is to keep moving and nail those Pursuit Breakers.

At the beginning of the game, the heat level will slowly advance through the first level and stop at the beginning of level two. Later it will stop at level 3. It's only toward the end of the game, after you've beaten JV (#4), that you'll see level 5. Use this knowledge to your advantage. Check out the rankings in the Rap Sheet. Try to get the top spot before the real trouble begins. Get into extra pursuits to make your way up the rankings. Reach the top spot in all the categories and you unlock some extra bonus cars.

During the chase, a pursuit bar will appear on the bottom of the screen. There's a meter to tell you how close you are to being caught or getting away. When it starts turning red, get away. Don't let it get too green before you've reached your milestones. Above the meter are three numbers. The number on the left is the number of police cars you've traded paint with, the number in the center is the number of cops in the chase, the number on the right is the number of police cars you've disabled. Keep an eye on the center number. The police come at you in waves. Waves of five at level 1, waves of ten at level 2, waves of fifteen at level 3, waves of twenty at level 4, and waves of twenty-five at level 5. Not all of the cops are chasing you. Some are setting up roadblocks and some trying to get in front of you and cut you off. When you've got a fresh wave on you, start ducking and weaving. Don't stay on the same road for too long and allow them to converge on you. If you get too many on you, thin them out with the Pursuit Breakers. When you get the pursuit down to one or two cars, the backup meter will come on. You have two minutes until a fresh wave gets there. If you get out of the sight of the cops chasing you and enter cooldown, the backup meter will reset to two minutes when the police reacquire you.

Different pursuit milestones require different tactics. Getting a Cost of State, a Trade Paint or a Time Limit milestone requires getting a car with no heat and getting as much done as you can before the heat gets too high. Bounty increases much faster at high heat levels so you might want to get into a pursuit in a car with a little heat on it when chasing a bounty milestone. Roadblocks don't appear until level 2 and spike strips don't appear until level 4 so take that into consideration when going for these milestones. For a Cost of State milestone, you want to hit everything that you can when you can. When you start out and when you get the waves thinned out, hit oncoming cars, small trees, signs, lightposts, etc., etc., etc. Bounty only goes up by time and disabling police cars so try to avoid hitting the objects in your path in a bounty pursuit. For Trade Paint milestones, when you don't have many cops on you, go back and forth through the roadblocks and try to trade paint with all the cars there. Be careful though. If you get too greedy you might get busted.

Almost all game cheat pages list the bus station glitch. Enter the bus station with a bunch of cops after you. There are two ramps. The one on the left leads to a row of buses. The one on the right leads to a little ledge. Go up either ramp and go to end of the buses or to the end of ledge and sit there. The cops will still be able to see you, but usually won't be able to figure out how to get to you. They'll drive around and knock each other out, then finally give it up and leave. If a cop does figure it out, knock him off or go off and go back around. If you go up one of the ramps and turn at the top toward the other ramp, you'll probably lose any pursuing cops.

Hinkley Field, the baseball park, is another great place to end a pursuit, especially going from the college toward the freeway. Cut through the ballpark, drop the signs at each end on the pursuing cops and hide in the cooldown zone on the other side.

Above all, practice makes perfect with the pursuits. Practice getting into and out of pursuits at higher and higher levels. Try the Challenge Series events for more pursuit practice. Listen to what they're saying on the radio. Watch your map.

So you've finally made it to the end of the game. You've beaten Razor in his final race which ends on the boardwalk in Ocean Hills. What's next? Throughout the game, a chick named Mia has been helping you. Now you find out she's a cop. She beats up Razor and hands you the keys to the BMW. Suddenly cops appear from everywhere. Mia yells, "GO!" and you're off. Oh my God! You're in a LEVEL SIX PURSUIT! Sgt. Cross, the baddest of the bad Federales has called everyone in to take you down. Don't panic. Your ultimate goal is to make it from Ocean Hills, at the southernmost part of the map, to the old bridge, at the very north. It's on the Rosewood Freeway next to Hinkley Field. Until now it's been a cut-out in the road with some mounds of dirt and some road paving equipment. But don't head there right away. Five minutes into the final pursuit, Mia will call you and tell you about the old bridge. The road won't be open until she calls. Duck, weave, dodge, evade around the Ocean Hills area until you've hit almost all of the Pursuit Breakers and thinned the pursuit down to a more manageable level. Wait until two or three minutes have gone by, then start heading toward Rosewood. This requires you learning the routes while working your way through the game. The best route is to take the long tunnel out of Ocean Hills. Take a right immediately after exiting the tunnel. This puts you on a straight line route toward the drive-in. Drop the screen on any cops that follow you in and keep heading north toward the mall. You can try to drop the front of the mall on your pursuers, but don't dawdle and give the cops a chance to block the roads. Take the freeway or the bus station road into Rosewood. Hit the Pursuit Breakers there and keep heading north. As you head down the old bridge, don't hit the walls or any cops around you. Keep your speed up. Hit your nitrous at the jump and you'll be the Most Wanted. The final pursuit may take you several tries. It's you against the world. The slightest mistake at the wrong time will get you busted, and you have a few disadvantages here: you can't call up the world map, the BMW doesn't handle very well, and you can't adjust it or change cars. Not to mention the thirty cops chasing you in a car that doesn't bust through roadblocks well.

Some suggestions for Most Wanted 2:

Let's go back to Hot Pursuit 2 and have a rearview mirror for all driver views. In Underground 2 and Most Wanted you only get a rearview mirror in bumper or hood views.

I'd also like to see a return of the little triangles at the bottom of the screen in HP2 that told you about cars right behind you.

Bring back HP2's leaderboard that showed you who you were racing and what kind of cars they were driving. Give the player the option of showing the leaderboard in time or distance ahead or behind. And for God's sake, put the leaderboard on the same side of the screen as the mini-map so you can see them both in one glance.

Do away with the Look Behind button that shows you the view behind you while the car is still moving forward. Return HP2's Look Around button that pauses your car and rotates a camera around, showing everything around you.

That's about it. Let's go racing!


At 3:16 PM, Blogger Carly said...

That sounds like a really fun game. It's kinda cool to have these tips for play. :)

At 3:47 PM, Blogger fdtate said...

You can go online and find game tips and cheats for just about any video game on the market. There are a lot of them for this game, but I thought I'd share my personal observations. Hey, that's what blogging is all about.
This game is a lot of fun.

At 6:09 PM, Anonymous Andy said...

I've recently started playing NFS:MW again after a couple of month break, I agree this game is a lot of fun. Thanks for the tips.

At 6:58 AM, Anonymous Kalpesh said...

Someone above said that there are lot of tips and cheats on the net, but trust me this is one of the few ones, who has actually helped amateurs gamers like me whose first racing game happens to be NFSMW. Good tips, specially how to move through the career and manage your cars. The only thing missing maybe is how to drag as that is something new to people like me who dont know driving e.g. I dont know when to shift up or down and keeping an eye on the screen helper doesnt help as that diverts you from your primary job of avoiding obstacles.

Overall, great job on the post.

At 3:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks im about to start driving need for speed most wanted your tips are goig to help me race i have beaten need for speed hot pursuit 2 and underground 2

At 6:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've played need for speed games from need for speed 2 but i got confused because in the translated version (dutch) a part of the safe house at the old bridge was in the text, but i know now that is was just a flaw, thanks.

At 9:47 AM, Blogger sLaCkErZ™ said...

i am about to win and beat razor.. but i am worried about being busted by the cops on the final pursuit. what will happen if i get busted?

At 4:59 PM, Anonymous [ VX ] said...

If you get busted, you'll have to start the pursuit again, IIRC. Either way, if you drive fast, drive clean and know when you need to use pursuit breaker - you'll be fine (and it's FUN). Just thought I'd congratulate the blogger for this lil guide, not a bad one. I'd like to see your pursuit skills mayn, 'cause I have to admit I think I got some skills in pursuit. (several aliases, one with a 120 million bounty and another running at 20 at blacklist #3, with a 9.6 million single pursuit, etc.)

At 12:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am in the last pursut. my heat level is 6 and i have no safe houses to hide. the only way i can escape is by jumping off the old bridge,. the problem is i have no clue were that bridge is. a! i only have the small map so i cant even see were i am acttualy going. CAN ANYBODY HELP PLEASE!!!!!!

At 7:52 AM, Blogger AKHIL said...

jus follow the orange dot that appeas on the screeb while u are being chased by the copas after 5 minutes.follow it and then, when ur on the final road of the jump be careful bcoz there a re suv's waiting there to ram u and slow doen ur speed.once uget to the broken bridge with a high speed u hav successfully completed NFS:MW.

At 4:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

that was the best one ive read thanks alot for the help

At 1:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i need to know how much bounty u need to race kaze. if u could help thats great and by the way great tips!

At 1:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi im the guy again that needs to race kaze plz anser soon man!

At 12:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey im on black list 9 and i need help to beat jewels which is black list 8 okay my problem is that when im drag racing with her i get in the lead easyly and then at the ending theres this van that keeps on crashing into me and if i slow down jewels gets infront of me and wins help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(short form: how do i dodge the van at the end of the drag race)

At 9:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

exactly i have the same problem with jewels please help

At 9:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i used speedbreaker and just beat her i checked

At 12:40 AM, Blogger fdtate said...

Sorry I've been remiss in joining in on the discussion here. I've got a new blog and have been offline for a long time. I'm surprised to see that this entry has turned into a little forum to help people get through the game. Excellent. That was my goal when I wrote this entry.

A couple of comments about the previous comments:

In the final pursuit, the way to escape is to jump the bridge and get out of the city. It's on the highway that goes around Rosewood, where it intersects with the main road through Rosewood. It's next to the baseball stadium. During the game, there is a little cutout place in the highway; there are mounds of dirt and bulldozers there. The bridge road only opens up during the final pursuit. If you look at the world map, there is a road going off the map to the north. That is the bridge road. There is a section above that tells all about the final pursuit, including how to get from Ocean Hills, where the final pursuit starts, to Rosewood.

Drag races are a bitch. You have to get your timing just right on the shifts to get the most speed, and, at the same time, dodge all the obstacles on the street. Basically, you want to shift up into the next gear just before the tachometer goes into the red. The drag race against Jewel is especially tricky because of the big truck that pulls out right in front of you. Yeah, the speedbreaker or the patience to do the race over and over again are about the only ways through this one. You can watch where Jewel goes, then next time, get ahead of her and cut her off.
There's another hard drag race (I believe it's one of Razor's races) where a big semi pulls out in front of you. Here, you can just drive under the thing.

Also, you need $1,680,000 total bounty to race Kaze.

At 12:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Apparently there is some sort of dont get busted button?? does anyone know what it is??

At 2:18 AM, Blogger fdtate said...

If you're pinned in by the police, you can hit the Select button and this will get you out of it. You have to be fast though, if you're close to being busted, you'll usually get rung up anyway. It often screws me up more than it helps.

If you're busted, if you quickly turn the game system off, sometimes it will overlook the bust and get you credit for the pursuit.

Just noticed some cool NFS videos at YouTube, including a video of the final pursuit. There's other videos, including another final pursuit done in a Corvette police car. The version I played on PS2 would only let you race the final pursuit in Razor's BMW.

At 2:21 AM, Blogger fdtate said...

Oops! The video I linked to in the previous comment is the final pursuit with the Corvette police car.

At 10:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

how do i beat baron in the drag race? i suck! he wins me in 30 seconds and my max speed is like 30mph how do i go fast? please help me?(how do i go fast in a drag race?)

At 6:44 PM, Blogger fdtate said...

It seems like people have more trouble with the drag races than anything else.

If you're not going any faster than 30 mph, it sounds like you're not getting out of first gear. The drag race is the only race you have to run with a manual transmission. You'll have to go to the game options menu to see which buttons to use to shift gears. With the PS2, it's the R1 and L1 buttons (I think.) An arrow appears in the upper center of the screen. Try to shift when the arrow turns green. You can also watch your tachometer and try to make your shifts to the next gear right before the tach gets into the red. The game will tell you when you've made a perfect shift. You can also use your nitrous in short bursts to get through a gear.

Another key, useful for any type of race, is to get a perfect launch at the beginning of the race. Rev your engine and keep the tach needle in the blue zone as the race starts. You'll roar off the starting line.

Other than that, the main thing is to watch for traffic and other obstacles in the lane you're in. Just tap your steering to the right or the left to change lanes. That's the only steering you have to do in a drag race. Your car will follow the curves of the road and keep you in the lane you're in.

At 1:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great POST!!!

-- digitalpbk


At 7:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hiya all...

A trick I had tried in the past, specially towards the later levels (Black List - 3 onwards) is to hide in the 2 tunnels (kinda underground parking) [Duno where it is exactly on the map, but close to Ocean Hills Drive].. the cop cars dont often chase you down there, and if you do, just get out, take a 180 and go round the other end and back in.. there are 2 hiding spots down there, and safer bet, specially when the heat is really high..

Im at the FINAL pursuit now.. Thanks for the tips on the 5 minutes before Mia's call etc... That final chase is such a bummer.. I've got busted at it about thrice now, and I just crash the game as soon as Im really done for !...
Will follow the 5 minute hanging around next time :) ...

Fav cars: I loved winning the Corvette.. Had the Viper too. At the end, I won Bull's SLR and bought the Carrera GT.. was AWESOME !! :)

At the initial levels, i hated the Elise... horrible handling thing.. The Mazda RX8 is damn good.. kept it till the end, with the DB9's

At 7:56 PM, Blogger fdtate said...

RE: the final pursuit

Instead of hauling ass straight up the road with about twenty cops on my tail, as soon as I get control of my car I like to turn left up one of those little side streets. You can use the speedbreaker to help you make the turn cleanly. Also, if you can sideswipe that pursuit breaker there at the beginning of the chase (it's an overhanging roof supported by a few posts) that'll help you out a bit. Then, I like to duck and dive around Ocean Hills for a few minutes, hitting all the pursuit breakers in the area, before heading out of that section. Good luck!

At 3:11 AM, Blogger fdtate said...

RE: the two tunnels

I think you're talking about the underground parking areas beneath the two towers. They look like big hotels. The road splits around the towers and there's another road between the towers. That's a good place to get a pursuit going. Circle, do figure 8's, drive around the buildings until your heat gets up and more cops start arriving.

At 3:04 AM, Blogger click.mejie said...

guys.. im new hir.. just wana ask about the performance tuning.. cn somebody explain how it works? i mean those + or - thing, will those affect driving?. rply is much appreciated..

At 5:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am in the final pursuit, would like to know how to see the world/large map to get the route for destination

At 4:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I used a trainer!^^

At 11:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey mann, just tell em how to decrease the heat level, change the paint and more importantly what is that thing abt getting on top of the rapsheet!!!


At 10:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another great way to get through pursuits at higher levels is o go into the bus station. Its near one of these gas stations. On the map look out for a pursuit breaker with a huge triangle like empty space near it. Get into the bus station and climb on either the buses or the roof. either way the cops arent smart enough to climb up and bust you. When you wanna evade the pursuit just wait untill they ask for backup and the cops start to move out, then just step back and stay on the slope. It'll evade and cooldown. Goodluck.

At 7:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was trying to evade the cops and there was this other street racer dude that was going around the map. I ran into him once and he had an SLR McLaren. Do you know anything about that?

At 7:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is up with the cops appearing out of nowhere and ruining my getaway? It's bullshit, and it pisses me off.

At 8:19 PM, Blogger fdtate said...

re: the street racers during the pursuits

Did you start this pursuit out a race? If so, some cops chase you, but some chase the other racers and they continue to circle around after the race.

re: the cops appearing out of nowhere

Always keep an eye on your meter at the bottom of the screen. It'll tell you when backup is due to arrive. The clock usually starts when you get the pursuit down to two cops. The clock will reset if you go into cooldown mode, which is a great way of getting your time milestones. Just be careful that you don't lose the cops completely and end the pursuit before you're ready.

At 1:09 PM, Blogger Andreea C said...

It's been a while since you posted this and I wanted to thank you for clearing out some of these things for me. I'm actually a girl playing nfs, though I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one out there, but I can't do the milestones. I'm going against Earl now, #9, and the milestones just keep getting tougher and tougher. My last "achievement" was tagging 14 police cars (requested 12) and avoided 7 of 6 needed roadblocks to reach 2 milestones in one pursuit and eventually got busted pinned to the wall by 8 police cars. I had one behind, one in front and the rest to the side so I couldn't escape them. Your pointers to evading police have helped but at this point I'm actually considering uninstall cause it's just difficult for me. Got any other tips you'd like to share? Anyways kudos for finishing the game.

At 4:22 PM, Blogger fdtate said...

Andreea C> The best advice I can offer for beating pursuits and getting the milestones is to keep a constant eye on the meter at the bottom of the screen. Always know how many cops are in on the chase and how long until backup gets there. When the backup clock runs down, you'll see the number of cops jump. Don't panic and don't let them gang up on you. Keep moving and start hitting the pursuit breakers. You can also whittle the numbers down by making some quick turns and losing some of them.

At the early levels of the game, your heat meter will stop at certain points. For the first couple of spots on the blacklist, the meter will slowly climb through level 1, then stop when it reaches level 2. Later, it might climb through level 2, then stop when it reaches level 3. Take the opportunity early on in a career to practice pursuits.

When you've reached your milestones and are ready to end a pursuit, you need to get rid of the last cops before the backup meter ticks down. When you knock out that last cop (you'll see the combo bounty message flash on the screen), stop. If you keep going the same direction, you'll run into another cop and the pursuit will continue. Usually if you turn around and go back the other way, you'll get away. They'll be looking for you to the north while you're going south.

Stick with it. Once you get the hang of the pursuits, you'll love them. They are what make this my favorite video game ever. It just takes some practice.

At 9:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i souped up my beginning punto and even the $76,000 turbo wont make a difference in the peformance so i beat every boss with it. get the punto in the beginning.

At 6:23 PM, Blogger anthony said...

hey i would really love to know an easy way to owe money to the state, because im on blacklist member 2 and i keep getting arrested..... :( i've been trying for 3 weeks now and im really getting mad.....



At 6:35 PM, Blogger bratton said...

hey i would really love to know an easy way to owe money to the state, because im on blacklist member 2 and i keep getting arrested..... :( i've been trying for 3 weeks now and im really getting mad.....



At 12:48 AM, Blogger fdtate said...

I don't think you can owe money to the state. If you don't have enough to pay your fines, your car will be impounded. It will be released later, but you'll still have to have money to pay your fines.

If lack of money is your problem, you can always earn more by driving the races you skipped along the way or going back and rerunning races. You can rerun races as many times as you need to. Just be sure to exit out of the race after you win it. If you hit restart, you won't get paid.

If too many busts are your problem (your cars are being impounded because you have too many strikes on them), there's a real simple cheat. After you get busted, when you get to the screen to pay with cash or a marker, just turn the game console off.

At 6:28 AM, Blogger Razor said...

Im stuck for photo ticket challenges in Blacklist #4 i.e JV . Please suggest how to overcome that nd if u hv a savegame (completed upto blacklist #4) please mail me @ Its cuz i usually hate photo ticket challenges nd ya do u play nfs_mw online?? if yes we can race some day .... :D

At 11:46 AM, Blogger fdtate said...

I've never played online.

One good trick I've learned for photo tickets: When you get in a chase that gets up to the higher levels, the police clear the roads. After you escape the pursuit and end it, go straight to the photo ticket milestones and you'll have clear roads.

At 11:28 PM, Blogger Razor said...

thnks fr ur suggestion Well u can play online. Its real fun u know... But i haven't got a graphix card (imean a good one) nd the game stucks a bit nd unfortunately when it runs again i c myself in 2nd pos. :( To run the game online u can download a software named "plan" nd it works good.. u can find hundreds of racers der :D

At 9:29 PM, Anonymous yayy said...

some things in nfs mw are predefined when u start the career, as for example the difficulty of some races (like the #9 race or #8 drag) and what u will get from lotteries after beating a blacklist holder
When u get control of the car turn to the left on the next intersection, turn left again and again (yes, u made a 270 degree) and then go straight on the bridge. Follow the road and take any left turn on ur way (dont hit dead ends or roads that eventually go right). There u go, u reach the required road before mia calls. U can then take a detour on the highway or turn right and rampage through the pursuit breakers before getting the call.
OR(this is a liitle harder), after gaining control, go straight and take any right turns
Love the gallardo(90 degree turns at 180 mph) and cayman
hate drag

At 1:54 PM, Anonymous eric said...

i agree with what you said on which car to pick first

At 5:54 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

I am going against Bull right now and I purposefully havent bought one upgrade the entire game. I have every single blacklist racers car and I havent bought a car except my first one (you have to buy that one). Im pretty sure I can beat the game without any upgrades now that im this far.

At 1:56 AM, Blogger fdtate said...

No performance upgrades at all? That's pretty impressive. I'm not sure how it's even possible. The races might all be against comparable competition, but how are you able to handle the cops and do the photo tickets?

After beating a blacklist racer, you have two markers to use and three spots to choose from -- one containing the pink slip to their car. If the pink slip is in the first position for one blacklist racer, it's almost always in one of the other two spots for the next racer, making it easy to accumulate a lot of cars. I've never won all of them, but I've come close -- maybe 12 or so.

At 6:30 PM, Blogger Zenick said...

I can do the photo tickets because I have the previous blacklist racers car. They tend to get slowly better as you go up and I havent had any major trouble. I play on the pc and if I dont get a blacklist racers car then I alt+f4 and then go back into the game to beat them again and hopefully get the car. It hasnt been too hard without upgrades. There is a race here and there that gives me trouble like Earl but I eventually get through it. I dont want to sound like im bragging cause I dont like braggers im just trying to show its possible. Im on Razor now and ill prob beat him within a couple days depending if I play much or not

At 3:53 AM, Anonymous Fattu said...

This is a baby game. Too easy for me.

At 1:09 PM, Anonymous Need for speed said...

Thanks for the amazing tip. Now I am gonna get some need for speed!

At 8:49 AM, Blogger Effiong Joshua said...

I am on blacklist #9, when i click on changeling earl, the game will close and shut down, is there any solution on how to jump that stage to blacklist 8? kindly help me out my fellow game players...Thanks. You can email me the solution through my email

At 11:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

im at 4th hav to beat jv ...but icant make chase35 cars...325000 bounty single pursuit..and 150000...even sometime i complete all those in single pursuit but cant evade police..

At 11:39 AM, Blogger Raghu Purad said...

how to beat jv milestones...


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