Friday, February 10, 2006

Utterly Useless Websites

Over at By the Way, Scalzi passes out the weekend homework:

Weekend Assignment #98 - List the most useless website you have ever visited.
Extra Credit - Tell us why you can't stop going there.

Well, is it really useless if you keep going back there? Possibly. The most useless website I've EVER visited was the utterly silly Hamster Dance, but I don't go there...hardly ever. I'm assuming from the question (and the extra credit) that we're talking about totally useless websites that we visit from time to time (and maybe, just can't get enough of.) For me, the winner of totally useless website has to be the incomparable College Humor. Rude, crude, lewd, and occasionally hilarious, this site has something for the social degenerate in all of us, even a little nudity. I especially love the Hotlinks where you never quite know what kind of degenerate, juvenile tripe you're going to. But the Jokes are sometimes pretty funny too, especially the sick one about how a woman is like KFC. (Warning!!)

Update (2/13/06): Okay. I just found this one. It was featured in USA Today's Hotlist, which is supposed to be a list of useful sites, but it's pretty worthless. It's


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